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Facebook to verify identities

If You Have A Viral Post on Facebook, Your ID Will Now Be Required!

Facebook has announced that it will now require individuals behind accounts with huge reach to verify their identities. This is part of the social media giants plan to aid the spread of more authentic information on its platform.


This move will also limit the influence of bots and stop accounts from spreading false information. This follows a similar move in 2018. At the time, Facebook required the owners of viral pages to disclose their identities and locations via its Page Publisher Authorization Process. Because the site was putting a stop to numerous overseas content farm accounts using partisan US politics to play its algorithms, go viral, and make quick ad revenue.


“We want to ensure the content you see on Facebook is authentic and comes from real people, not bots or others trying to conceal their identity,” the blog post said.

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Accounts with viral posts in the US will be required to provide some form of ID. In the event of failure to provide an ID, Facebook will reduce the reach of the posts. Facebook will also take similar action if the ID does not match the profile.


“If someone chooses not to verify their identity or the ID provided does not match the linked Facebook account, the distribution of their viral post will remain reduced so fewer people will see it,” Facebook says.


If any of the profiles seen as suspicious is also an admin for a Facebook page, Facebook will ban the profiles from using their page. That is unless they identify themselves via Facebook’s Page Publisher Authorization Process.


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