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IBM Says Its New Processor Can Instantaneously Detect Fraud Activities

IBM claims its new Telum processor can instantaneously detect fraud, relying on a dedicated Artificial intelligence accelerator. The company made the announcement during the Hot Chips annual conference on the 24th of August 2021.

IBM Newsroom - Latest News

This Semiconductor conference is a leading event for the industry’s high-performance microprocessors. The new Telum processor has eight cores with simultaneous multithreading running at 5GHZ, with each core carrying a private 32MB of L2 cache. The new processor will launch in the early months of 2022.

IBM Telum- A New Chapter In Vertically Integrated Chip Technology

Telum can also be scaled to 32 of its own chips, while its dual-chip module has 22 billion transistors and 19 miles of wire on 17 metal layers, according to Helpnet.

IBM says this new technology has high chances of a “potentially new era of prevention of fraud at scale.”The company is partnering with Samsung to create these processors. Samsung’s 7nm extreme ultraviolet process technology is also used.

IBM’s Telum processor if it works accurately could detect money laundering, perform loan processing, conduct risk analysis and others.

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Another microprocessor company looking to produce new and advanced chips is Qualcomm. The Mobile chip designer is ready to rival Apple’s M1 chips, with plans to create its Laptop chips.

Qualcomm Snip
Qualcomm Snip

Despite creating mobile android chips, Qualcomm was licensing these chips from ARM.  It now designs its own mobile chips.

Vice President
Gerard Williams Nuvia Founder & Now Vice President


Nuvia Founder Gerard Williams was the lead designer for Apple’s iOS chips before he left the company. He currently now works as the senior vice president of engineering for Qualcomm and will be responsible for making sure Qualcomm makes industry-breaking chips that compete with Apple’s M1 chips.

Reports from Reuters say that Qualcomm will start selling Nuvia-like designs next year, with specific dates not available yet.

Qualcomm Chip
Qualcomm Chip


Interestingly it currently supplies Apple iPhones 12 series with 5G connectivity. Company CEO, Cristiano Amon also said they are open to collaboration in a bid to produce the best laptop chips in the market, dethroning Apple in the process.



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