You are currently viewing IBM & Samsung To Release New Chip For Longer Battery Life On Phones

IBM & Samsung To Release New Chip For Longer Battery Life On Phones

IBM and Samsung are partnering to release a new chip design that will offer longer battery life for phones up to a week. Both companies have found a way to stack transistors vertically on a chip.

Both companies are certain this new chip design enables “cell phone batteries that could go over a week without being charged, instead of days. ”

This new design means that these chips transistors can be more densely packed, leading to more efficiency. Remarkably, this new feat is known as ‘Vertical Transport Field Effect Transistors’.

The current chip design uses a horizontal outlay where transistors are stacked lying flat on the semiconductors. IBM & Samsung newer design allows for more currents to move through the transistors.

Samsung and IBM unveil a new kind of transistor for the ultra-efficient chips of the future - News

Both companies have made bold claims saying that this new chip has two times improvement in performance or an 85 percent reduction in energy use” compared to current chips design.

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Recently, Samsung says it will be building a new mega $17 billion chip factory in Texas. The South Korean company aims to boost its chip-making market share with this new factory.

Samsung Plans To Build A New $17 Billion Chip Mega Factory In Texas
Samsung Store


This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, this new factory will be on 1,200 acres of land. This means it will be larger than its Austin plant just 30 miles away from the new Taylor factory.

Samsung says that construction of the Taylor factory will begin the next year in 2022 and chip production will begin by 2024.  Samsung Plans To Build A New $17 Billion Chip Mega Factory In Texas

Samsung’s new Taylor plant will help increase chip production in the factory. Samsung will also be making plans to cater to its need for chips and for other manufacturing companies.

The adoption of IBM and Samsung newer VTFET chip design is still far off. For now, the closest to that sort of technology are the 2nm chips from IBM and Samsung.



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