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IBM Partners With Adobe And Red Hat To Accelerate Industrial Digital Transformation

IBM has announced that it is entering a strategic partnership with Adobe and Red Hat. This collaboration is aimed at accelerating digital transformation for their customers. Here are important things you should know about the partnership between Adobe, IBM and Red Hat.


In announcing the partnership, IBM took to its Twitter page to say:



Explaining what customers and other partners are to expect, the tech giant said in a blog post, “The partnership focuses on regulated industries and arming employees with solutions that allow them to meet the strictest data security and regulatory requirements.” 

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IBM will marry its business design consulting department, IBM iX, with Adobe’s product clouds. This combination will accelerate companies’ designs and bring about ‘personalised customer experiences’. This is one of the pillars of the partnership that has to do with customer experience.


Additionally, financial service professionals will benefit from the high-security provision that Adobe Experience Manager and IBM’s financial services public cloud will bring. This is the second pillar of the partnership that has to do with security.


Also, on the part of Red Hat, it will use its open-source container application platform, OpenShift, to certify part of Adobe Experience Cloud. This will give clients flexibility when hosting, accessing and leveraging customer data in any environment they choose. This is also part of the pillars of partnership and it concerns hybrid cloud.


Executives from Adobe, IBM and Red Hat have scheduled a webcast for 4th August 2020 to reveal more about the partnership. To join this webcast, you can register here.


Early this year, in April, Adobe had named IBM iX as ‘a delivery partner of the year for Europe’. IBM iX has also been making a clearer inclination towards design.


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