You are currently viewing “I Was R*ped By My Uncle At Age 15”- Toyin Lawani Speaks About Turbulent Childhood

“I Was R*ped By My Uncle At Age 15”- Toyin Lawani Speaks About Turbulent Childhood

Top Nigerian celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani, has opened up about her turbulent upbringing.

In a chat with Chude Jideonwo, the transformer queen as she is fondly known said one of her uncles r*ped her when her mum was away.

"I Was R*ped By My Uncle At Age 15"- Toyin Lawani Speaks About Turbulent Childhood
Toyin Lawani

Lawani said the r**e, which happened a year after her father had disowned her, got her pregnant.

“When I was 15, I got r***d by someone in my neighborhood. And it was one of my uncles. And I couldn’t tell my mum. It was just so bad for me. You know when someone bullies you to the extent that you can’t talk,” she said.

It was so bad. I opened up to one of my aunties. Aunty Bola. She’s late now. She took me to Ibadan. They tried to get rid of the pregnancy. It was the same time I had to get admission to UNILAG.

My mum and dad are late now. They had to take me to a hospital when the pregnancy was about five months already because I didn’t tell anyone. There was like a baby already and it was coming out on me. I got so sick.

My mum was calling me to come back, asking why I was still at my grandma’s house. I went to get my admission and fainted on the premises. They took me to a hospital and my mum came. The doctor opened up to her.

He said, ‘Your daughter was pregnant and we took it out.’ She couldn’t take it because I was so young and I didn’t tell her these things. The person was so close to our family. This is why I’m so strict with my kids.”

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Lawani said her childhood experience caused her to develop distrust with family members as regards her kids.

“I don’t trust anyone. Even your brothers and sisters. Anybody can betray you. I felt I lost my innocence to someone that was in the same house as us. You travel so much to feed your kids. My mum was always working,” she added.

“I hated my mum so much for it because she wasn’t there. I didn’t understand until now that I had to do these responsibilities for my kids. She had to leave us and travel to Hong Kong, China. It traumatised me.

“My dad disowned me at 14. My mum died at 46 from cancer. I started my life at 16, at which time I had three shops in UNILAG. When I left my rich ex who said I couldn’t work, I was sleeping in a hotel with my daughter.

“I believe in carrying my legacy on. I don’t care if I die young anymore. My mom died at 46. Who am I?”

Toyin Lawani is mother to three children. She is mum to one year old Eleora, 16-year-old Tiannah and 6-year-old Tenola from previous relationships.

Toyin Lawani tied the knot with her photographer husband, Segun Wealth, on 12th June 2021 at a star studded wedding with celebrities in attendance.

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