“I Got Flowers Today”, An Adaptation Of Paulette Kelly’s Domestic Violence Poem

“I Got Flowers Today”, An Adaptation Of Paulette Kelly’s Domestic Violence Poem

Many men and women are silenced today in their homes from domestic violence. The stigma of going through something so brutal from a partner you trust causes them to seal their lips. Through Paulette Kelly’s “I Got Flowers Today” poem, actress Dorcas Shola Fapson creates a beautiful adaptation. On her take of the poem, she features Mawuli Gavor and herself.



The story begins like a regular vlogger sharing with her followers all that’s happening in her life. Initially, she’s happy as she gets flowers. However, the story goes downhill as her husband, played by Mawuli, abuses her. The domestic violence gets worse but yet she keeps getting flowers as compensation (an apology). Unfortunately, she still doesn’t speak about her torture until she dies in the hands of her abuser, the husband.


Many go through such crude act and are afraid to speak out. Through this message, you would understand that it’s better now than ever. Share your story and seek help. Domestic violence must end!

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If you are enduring domestic violence in your home or you know someone who is, you can get help by contacting the Domestic S****l and Violence Response Team (DSVRT).

Simply dial 112, call 08137960048 or send an email to info@dsvrtlagos.org.

You can also visit their head office at Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

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