“I Damaged My Voice And Gained 40 Pounds” -Toni Tones On Her Role In “KOB 2”

“I Damaged My Voice And Gained 40 Pounds” -Toni Tones On Her Role In “KOB 2”

Actress Toni Tones has spoken about portraying young Eniola Salami in the film “King of Boys” released in 2018 and the recently released sequel series. "I Damaged My Voice And Gained 40 Pounds" -Toni Tones On Her Role In "KOB 2"

For the films, director Kemi Adetiba went the route of method acting, a type of acting technique where the actor must stay in character even after the cameras stop rolling.

This technique can leave lasting aftereffects on the actor and is considered one of the most difficult styles of acting.

Toni Tones while speaking on her role said had to go through extreme changes to nail her role, including gaining 40 pounds, losing it in time for the release of King of Boys 1, gaining it again for “Return of The King” and even damaging her voice box.

Speaking on how she prepared for “KOB 2” the actress said;

When you are playing a version of someone, you have a blueprint to follow, so I tried to stay true to that as much as possible. It was really key for people to watch and not see Toni Tones which is why I decided to put on the weight. I figured that putting on the weight would make me look a lot like Aunty Sola.

The voice. The voice was a big one for me. I actually injured my voice box to be honest. I did a little bit of damage to it. It definitely wasn’t the safest decision. But making those decisions, putting on the weight, cracking the voice trying to imitate Aunty Sola’s husky voice and studying her mannerisms turned out to be rewarding.

I was glued especially as I had never met her in person before so YouTube was my resource. Every film she has on YouTube, I have seen it and I started doing that two months before we started filming. So I had two months of doing nothing but studying her.”

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"I Damaged My Voice And Gained 40 Pounds" -Toni Tones On Her Role In "KOB 2"

On how the process of doing it all over again for the second instalment was, Tones said it was very hard.

“I put on 40 pounds for the role and honestly, it was hard. I had never been that big before. So, it did affect me psychologically and losing the weight was not easy at all.

When I made the decision to put on the weight for the character, I also make the decision to lose it before the film comes out otherwise people don’t recognize that work. I also try to do it in a really healthy way as well- proper dieting and exercising.

KOB 2 was a lot more difficult than KOB 1. Like it had more Yoruba. Young Eniola had 96-7 percent of her lines in Yoruba and I don’t really understand or speak Yoruba that well. It was a lot of Yoruba adages I had never heard.”

However, she chose to do it all because she’s an actress and does whatever the character requires, regardless of what it takes.

“As an actor, I tend to do whatever is required for the character. It is not something I think people are going to notice or anything. I just do my character breakdown and decide on what are the best choices to make. Cause you know acting is really about choices. So I just did all the work and made all the choices and it paid off.

“King of Boys: The Return of The King” made this time in a seven-part series is currently streaming on Netflix and is enjoying massive positive reviews.


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