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Hyundai’s New Car Has A Solar Panel Roof

Hyundai just released a version of its Sonata hybrid car, and this time it comes with solar panels. The panels will help to charge the car’s battery.


According to Hyundai, about 60% of the battery power can be supplied if the solar roof was used for six hours in the day. The panels will be able to provide enough power to move the car for 1,300km a year.


The Korean carmaker says it plans to make the roof an option for other models in the range of the Sonata. This new innovation could mean more fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions. The car also comes with other perks like an improved engine control system that ensures the efficiency of energy use.


Hyundai is now working on a second-generation solar roof. The roof will be semi-transparent so that it can allow light into the car.


Hyundai Solar Panel Roof car


Meanwhile, this car will only be exclusive to a few countries. It will only go on sale in Korea and North America. The company said it had no plans to sell it anywhere else. So, all of us in this part of this world will not get access to this new generation automobile.


This Hyundai car is not the first solar panel vehicle actually. The sun-powered charging on a vehicle is also available on certain Toyota Prius models. The Karma Revero also has a solar panel model available.


A start-up in the Netherlands called Lightyear is also working on an electric car that will use solar panels on its bonnet and roof. The panels will charge the vehicle’s batteries and will cost about £137,000 (approximately ₦60.4 million) when it is launched in 2021.


Kia is also reportedly working on one which is also expected to hit the market soon.

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