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Huawei’s Flagship Mate Xs Foldable Smartphone Was Sold At A Loss

Huawei revealed that while its Mate Xs foldable smartphone brought top-tier features, the company had to sell many units at a loss. According to reports, the Mate Xs cost Huawei about $60 million in production.


The 8 inches display foldable smartphone launched with the Kirin 990 flagship processor that supports 5G network connectivity. Huawei’s Mate Xs came with a Falcon Wing design and an innovative hinge. It could be folded into a pocket-friendly device and opened into a wide display screen when in use.


Yu Chengdong, the CEO of the Consumer Business arm of Huawei Technologies, disclosed this in a recent statement. He mentioned that while the phone was sold for $2,400, it is still at a detriment to the company’s profit.


It is not clear why the company took this decision. But many informed guesses opine that the company was trying to get its high-end product into consumer’s hands. That way, when they launch more expensive products in the future, they would have a loyal client base.


This is not to say that Huawei does not have such a strong fan base. The company had outsold many other smartphone giants in 2019 and had made new clients.

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However, it faces an uphill task as it tries to survive life beyond Google’s software. Executives from the company have admitted that this will be no easy thing to accomplish. Thus, they do not see it matching 2019’s feat.


In addition, it is one of the major casualties in the US-China trade war. Yet, it has been launching phone after phone recently.


Huawei’s Mate Xs introduced users to the intelligent Multi-window function. This divides the 8 inches wide screen into two independent task interfaces. Also, users can open one App in 2 split windows to easily manage different tasks at the same time. This is possible with Huawei’s App multiplier3.


It is a limited edition and not many will be buying this device despite it selling at a price cheaper than what it costs to produce it. Thus Huawei may be in for a major loss with its gamble on the Mate Xs.


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