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Huawei Overtakes Qualcomm As Number One Semiconductor Manufacturer In China

Huawei, operating under the HiSilicon brand, has reached new heights as it recently became the largest manufacturer of SOC for smartphones in China, overtaking Qualcomm.


SOCs are considered the brain of a smartphone and it means, System-on-a-chip. It combines many components into a single chip to reduce space, cost, and power drain. It is very powerful and controls the smartphone hardware like cameras, screen, RAM, storage, and so on.


Before now, American multinational company Qualcomm had always led the semiconductor manufacturing industry worldwide. This industry also has such big names as MediaTek, Apple, and HiSilicon.


Since 2019, HiSilicon — Huawei’s brainchild — has been increasing its stake in this industry in China at least. The semiconductor SOC market literally determines who has the smartphone market in its hands.

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Huawei SOC Qualcomm
The Chinese smartphone SOC ranking for Q1 2020. Photo: CINNO Research.


Qualcomm had seen its share in the Chinese SOC ranking drop from 48.1% in Q1 2019 to 37.8% in Q4 2019. While HiSilicon’s share had moved from 24.3% to 36.5% during the same duration.


Now, for the first time, Huawei’s HiSilicon tops Qualcomm in the Chinese SOC ranking according to the company’s website.


However, MediaTek’s market share also slumped considerably. It had gone from having a share of 19.0% in Q1 2019 to 13.1% in Q1 2020.


It is unclear why the Taiwanese firm suffered this fall but from the statistics that Apple that is ranked just below it, had only a 0.1% growth in that same period.


Huawei’s dominance of the Chinese smartphone market is becoming clearer. Also, since its US trade ban, it is becoming more independent and asserting itself more.


One major area where Huawei is not yet proving as strong even in China is its software department. Yet, this might change very soon. It had recently been said that it will launch PCs with its own HarmonyOS operating system.


If this works, it is likely that Microsoft’s Windows 10 may be on its way to becoming less popular in China. For now, we have witnessed Kirin processors overtake Snapdragon products in China.


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