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Huawei Oil & Gas Industry Virtual Summit 2020 On 5G And AI Contribution

During the just-concluded Huawei Oil & Gas Industry Virtual Summit 2020, Wang Hao gave a talk on how 5G, AI and Big Data are contributing to the industry. In this article, we provide some of the key points from Hao’s session.


Wang Hao, CTO of the Oil & Gas Development Dept., EBG, Huawei started by recalling how oil prices dropped below $30 in 2016. This lead to oil companies choosing to invest more in technology. The general consensus was that they believed that with better technology and data they would have been more prepared for the oil downturn.


These companies were looking towards AI, Cloud, Big Data, mobile devices and other technologies. Huawei develops the kind of tech that these oil industry leaders sought. Thus, the company began working harder to dominate this oil sector of digital transformation.


The aim was to improve their customer’s performance without increasing operating costs. Hao mentioned how Huawei delivered an HPC cloud data center to PetroChina Daqing. This solved the companies computing and data storage problems increasing their computing power by eight times.

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More importantly, since oil companies now have to go farther in their search for oil than before; precision is more important now. The CTO of Huawei’s Oil & Gas Development Dept. claims that the company is doing just that; providing high precision technology.


PetroChina Daqing has improved its prestack seismic data processing capability by five times with Huawei’s aid. Additionally, it has been able to extract information from over 10PB of old data with AI and data analytics tools.


Huawei offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that combines hardware and software resources. With this, Hao says, “[it] is turning AI into a practical solution making it inclusive and available to every person, every home and every organisation.”


Huawei’s AI solution is also helping petro-physicists in Oil & Gas Industry. For example, it can construct a formation evaluation model (a neural network model) that can predict oil, gas and water layers. This is possible by means of machine learning and deep learning.


With this, oil companies can get improved data interpretation accuracy at nearly 80% lesser time. Predictive maintenance and refinery inspection can also be carried out using tools that Huawei is making.


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