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Huawei Might Have An Android Alternative In The Works

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In the wake of Huawei’s rift with the United States, the company has announced that it has filed a lawsuit against the government over a ban on its products. The US soon after threatened German intelligence over the use of Huawei 5G products.

However, there are now rumours that Huawei is preparing in anticipation of a total collapse of relations with the US. The company is allegedly building its own mobile Operating System as an alternative to Android.

A company executive from Huawei, Richard Yu was quoted as saying, “We have prepared our own operating system. If it turns out we can no longer use [Android], we will be ready and have our plan B.”

According to reports, Huawei began building the software after a US ban on ZTE. There has been an increase in tariff between the US and China owing to the use of software and hardware from US companies like Google and Qualcomm.

Huawei was accused of spying on the US on behalf of the Chinese government and circumventing US sanctions on Iran. Huawei CFO and daughter of the company’s CEO Meng Wanzhou was held in a Canadian jail over the latter allegation.

Huawei is also facing criminal charges in the US for engaging in financial fraud and stealing intellectual property. The US government has, however, tried to ban their sales across the world over fears of potential spying on them.

All of this has still not affected Huawei’s global growth. The company saw a 50 per cent jump in revenue since all the drama.

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