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Huawei IdeaHub Review: The Best Interactive Board For Productivity Now

After Huawei Nigeria launched it’s IdeaHub series 3 weeks ago through a collaboration with TD Africa. I used the innovative interactive board whenever possible and here is my review of the beautiful machine. 


Huawei Launches IdeaHub Board Meeting Device - UC Today


After several video conferencing and interactive sessions, Huawei’s claims of this gigantic device are all true. It just works perfectly. The Hub’s three key features; Intelligent handwriting recognition, Wireless projection, and cloud conference shone and worked so well. 



What’s the concept behind the Hub? A move away from the traditional meeting space. Its major features, the projector flexibility for fast pairing, and 4k 60 fps low latency camera. It also has smooth whiteboard 1mm writing and hand precision recognition.  


In my opinion, this is the best Interactive board for Education in the market. Lecturers, students, presenters would be amazed at the guts of the IdeaHub. Even for virtual learning, the IdeaHub handles everything thrown at it, with the only exception “Google Apps”.



The hub is able to intelligently, impede a Windows PC environment, cohost both Windows and android switching between both platforms without lags. 



An all-in-one elegant simple machine, the Hub has two variations. An S model with a 1080p camera and a pro model with a 4k camera with autofocus. This was the only physical difference between the 2 models aside from size.


Huawei IdeaHub - A smart all-in-one solution for office needs


Fortunately, TD Africa has both versions for review, both boards are compact. Although I preferred video conferencing with the 86-inch version and then office productivity was splendid on the 65-inch version.  



The specifications for the Hub are core i7, DRR4 16GB SSD ram with 2 sizes 65 and 86 inches. A dedicated chipset for Artificial intelligence; 12GB RAM in switching between Os, 64GB storage. The best in class connectivity in HDMI’s, USB ports, and others. 

For businesses, the IdeaHub is perfect for board meetings, noise-blocking, and virtual meetings. The interactive whiteboard is available in Jade White and also Titanium Gray; which blends so well with most office building colors.


There are three ways of projecting to the hub:

  • Via an idea share app where a code is generated to gain access, by scanning the Url bar code. A maximum of 20 wireless projection sources can be connected.
  • Via a USB Port
  • Via NFC-based one-touch projection.

The IdeaHub has a reverse control mode that enables users to control their PCs from the idea hub after connecting to it. 

Another feature I tried extensively is the scenario-based intelligence control with hand and pen; zoom allowing your palms, knuckles to swipe and also erase content on the screen intuitively. The handwriting recognition was top-notch, really surprised the board could recognize my illegible handwriting.

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During most of our virtual meetings using the board, native meeting support shone; which saves about 40-50% of bandwidth during high-quality teleconferencing. The Acoustic baffle noise blocking feature reduced loads of mouse clicks and side talks. 


Auto framing highlighted presenters with a close-up shot of the meeting with help of Artificial Intelligence; as the camera recognized their voices and made them the focal point. Unfortunately, the Hub doesn’t support the Google Play Store; but has an array of applications to substitute for all the google apps you might be in need of. In comparison, the Surface Hub comes in a distant second if we compare features. If you are strictly a Windows user and barely use Google Apps for connectivity then this is a Perfect Match.


Any of the IdeaHub versions can be purchased on order by contacting the support agents at Tech Distributions Africa.



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