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Honor, Former Huawei Subsidiary, Aims To Dominate Foldables, High-End Smartphone Market


  • Honor, a budget-friendly spin-off of Huawei, has set its sights on the high-end smartphone industry and the foldables phone market, aiming to compete with Samsung and Apple.
  • With its recent independence, Honor is no longer limited by the Google ban that previously disrupted Huawei’s international appeal.
  • Honor has already launched its Magic Vs foldable smartphone internationally and is planning to release its flagship Honor Magic5 Pro later this year.


Honor had come into the limelight as a budget-friendly spin-off of Chinese smartphone brand, Huawei, but since gaining its independence, it is no longer dreaming small.


In an interview shared by CNBC, the phone maker has its sights on the foldable and high-end smartphone industry. It will faceoff against the likes of Samsung and Apple, but this young company is unfazed by the upcoming battle.


Without the constraints of the US-inspired Google ban, that disrupted its former parent company’s appeal in the international market, Honor launched its Magic Vs foldable smartphone outside China by the end of February. It also has its flagship Honor Magic5 Pro on a timeline to enter the market later in 2023.


onor Magic Vs Foldable
Honor Magic Vs Foldable. Image Source: News


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Honor CEO George Zhao claims that the company’s strategy is to make the best smartphone out there and expects that the sales number will rise as a result.


“Our ambition [is to] do things better for today … and in future, we have the target is how to satisfy our customer. And also how to build trust and relationships with our partners. And these two things, [if] we make this healthy, then the growth, the target, the sales number will come to us automatically,” he said.


Honor’s plan makes sense as more and more smartphone users are choosing to buy high-end products these days. Also, the foldables market is still emerging with Samsung being the major player on the international front.


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