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Huawei Digital Power Solution Launch in Nigeria

Huawei Digital Power Solution Launch in Nigeria

Huawei Technologies and TD Africa launched the Huawei Digital Power Solution in Abuja, Nigeria, on September 16, 2022.

The event took place at the Newton Park Hotels and Resorts. The organisers used the opportunity to promote and create Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) and position the Huawei Power Solution as an urgent life-saving product for our partners and individuals pan Nigeria.

The Head, Corporate & DMFI Sales, TD Africa, Mr. Niyi Onabanjo made a concise but punchy statement to kickstart the event. In his remark, he mentioned that TD Africa is known for the value it has added to its over 5,000 clientele. He also highlighted that the company occupies a solid position to take Huawei’s digital power solution to the nooks and crannies of the Nigerian market.

The Principal Consultant on Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co. Ltd in Nigeria, Mr. Justin Tinsey, presented the company’s overview, product benefits and value, and return on investment. He further revealed that the launch of the Huawei power solution in Nigeria was triggered by the desire to drive down energy costs while playing its part in establishing a greener future built on sustainable, stable, and cost-efficient electricity supply in the country.

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In addition, Tinsey disclosed that the Digital Power Solution, which cuts across Residential, Commercial, and Utility Scale, is currently one of the market leaders in global PV inverter shipments, with its Fusion solar PV solution taking the lead.

He further revealed that Huawei Intelligent Power Mate Solution, also known as ISitePower-M, is the ideal solution for home users. It delivers a reliable 24hrs 6KVA power supply, saving the cost of petrol purchase.

For the commercial and industrial option, Tinsey noted that Huawei iSitePower-S is stable, low-cost, and ideal for no-grid access areas such as remote villages, islands, primary schools, clinics, border checkpoints, and camps. He described the Huawei iSitePower-S as a “Hybrid Solar Power Systems Architecture whose solution is simple, reliable and efficient.” He added that Huawei Commercial and Industrial Solar Solutions for enterprises contribute to reduced power consumption costs and increases energy yield by 30% with optimizers. It provides active safety for solar systems by preventing arc faults that create heat and potentially lead to electrical fires.

The organisers surveyed the attendees, revealing that most were ready to stock up on the Huawei Digital Power Solution. Some attendees won gifts during the question-and-answer section.

In addition, Mr. Nifemi Egbeleke of Solecraft Technology won a Huawei Y9A Smartphone during a transparent lucky dip session.

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