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Huawei Announces Its Foldable P50 Pocket Flagship Smartphone

Huawei has announced its Foldable clamshell P50 Pocket flagship smartphone, this device has already been launched in the Chinese market. This is the latest addition to the P50 lineup, featuring a circular 1-inch external display.

This external display shows notifications, widgets and even selfies. Sadly, due to the Huwaei ban in the United States, this flagship won’t launch there. It’s cute small foldable design unveils a large 6.9 inches screen when opened.

Company CEO Richard Yu during the unveil describes the foldable as “It’s very delicate and exquisite.” He noted that the slim design  “We want to bring elegance to you, on the go.”

Huwaei has made this device very light with 190 grams and measuring just 7.2mm. It has a 21 by 9 display ratio with a super smooth 120HZ refresh rate for scrolling. Under the hood is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 4G chip, 4,000mAh battery and Harmony OS 2.

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Huawei recently announced the P50 top-of-the-line smartphone with HarmonyOS, for the Chinese market. The company launched two flavours, the P50, and the P50 Pro. The very first Huawei flagship smartphone to ship with HarmonyOS

As recently teased by Huawei, the P50 have very large camera modules. Since the United States ban, Huawei has not been able to sell phones made with its own kirin chips in the U.S.

HarmonyOS sets a milestone in China's high-tech self-reliance: Global Times editorial - Global Times

It has no Google apps, play store, or services, solely built for the Chinese market. In a plain sentence, it doesn’t run Android. Let’s go back to the P50 Pocket, this foldable has a 40MP main camera, wide 13MP angle lens and 32MP “super spectrum” lens.

From the design language of this flagship, there is no gap between the screen when folded, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3. There are two facial unlock on the main and cover screen.

Huwaei has intelligently added a fingerprint scanner on the sides of the phone, very handy when wearing facial masks. The base model of the P50 pocket with 8GB of RAM and 256 storage goes for  ¥8,988 in china.

While the premium version with 12GB of RAM and 512 storage goes for ¥10,988. It is available in silver or gold colours. The Base model is available only in black and white.



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