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HTC releases a metaverse smartphone

HTC releases its Desire 22 Pro, a mid-range smartphone that it is branding as a metaverse-friendly device; see why in this article.

The tech company claims the HTC Desire 22 Pro is a ‘perfect companion’ to its Vive Flow VR headset. However, besides this just sounding cutting edge, it has no meaning to customers.

For one, the Vive Flow VR headset was designed to work with any Android smartphone, so using it with the just-announced phone does not give you any special advantage.

In addition to the compatibility with the virtual reality world, the company’s Taiwan site claims that the phone comes with a free NFT. However, The Verge mentioned that this add-on is not found on its UK site. So, if this is geo-specific, it may not help the phone’s sales. One other thing that the phone offers is a digital wallet for crypto assets. 

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The consensus is that HTC is trying to make the device appear to be more than what it truly is; a mid-range smartphone. And a brief look at its specs makes the disguise fall apart.

Powered by a Snapdragon 695 processor and storage capability of 8GB RAM/128 GB storage space, it’s clear that there is nothing special about the HTC Desire 22 Pro.

Its main camera is a 64MP shooter with a 13MP ultrawide sensor and a 5MP depth sensor for support. Meanwhile, a 32MP selfie snapper is cut into a hole in the screen’s top left.

Clearly, HTC is just upgrading its Desire phone line, and this is just a follow-up on 2021’s Desire 21 Pro. If you can afford to part with £399, you can buy the HTC Desire 22 Pro in the UK when it starts selling in August 2022.

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