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How You Can Enjoy Valentine’s Day As A Single Person

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It’s that time of the year again. When the streets are filled with people wearing red attire trying to blend with the occasion. They say it’s the season of love.


People spending their last cash to show the one they love how much they mean to them. Others receiving gifts from their partner(s). Some may be blocking one partner on a social media platform to post another partner’s pictures.


It’s the season where couples eat dinner before dinner, or after 😉.


But for singles, it’s usually the dreaded day that they can’t wait for to be over and done with. One can hear people singing — “Valentine is coming, where’s your boyfriend. You are sitting at home. Lonely!” — and may be wondering if it a sin to be single.


Here comes the good part. Valentine doesn’t have to be so saddening for single people. There are lots you can do as a single person on Valentine’s Day rather than locking yourself up in the house feeling sad and gloomy.


Below are some of the good stuff you can do to have fun on Valentine’s Day:

1. Treat yourself to a spa session


It’s the season where there are so many promos. Why not use the opportunity and enjoy this day? Go to that spa you always wanted to, there’s surely going to be that extra sauce since it’s a day people like to celebrate.


Get that soul-lifting massage, you can even add facials if you like.

2. Have a day out with friends

Valentine's day with friends single
Hang out with friends for Valentine.


Yes, you’re probably thinking, we’ll go out and see couples doing their thing and start feeling sad. Not necessarily though. How about going to a game room with your friends and having a nice time without bothering when your soul mate will show up at your doorstep.

3. Host a singles-only dinner party


If you really don’t want to go out, you can bring the fun to your doorstep. There’s definitely a handful of single people you know. Plan a dinner party with lots of amazing and orgasmic food to eat and invite those single friends over. You never know, you could meet that special someone at the party — don’t keep your fingers crossed though.

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4. Go do some karaoke


On a day like Valentine’s, people are more bothered about going to romantic restaurants, cinemas, beaches, tropics that they forget karaoke. Find a karaoke place close to you. It really doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not. All that matters is that you have fun.

5. Go to a comedy show


Single or not, you don’t need a partner to feel happy listening to comedy. Trust me even if you had a partner at a comedy show, you might not even remember they are around you when you start laughing till you come close to tears.

6. Stay off social media!!!!


Seriously, don’t try to look at social media on Valentine’s Day. That’s gonna be extreme torture. Don’t do it!!!! Read a book, watch a horror movie, anything but love stories or social media.

7. Indulge in your favorite snacks and maybe a bottle of wine


If you’re not going out, you might as well treat yourself to something nice behind closed doors. How about some chocolate, cookies or a bucket of chicken and iced red wine. Sounds good right?


There’s so much more you can think of doing. Let us know what you decide is more fun for you to do.


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