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“How Will My Kids Eat?” Korra Obidi Lash At Critics Advising She Goes Off Social Media

Popular Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi has lashed out at social media critics who had advised her to take some days off social media due to her marital woes with husband Justin Dean.

The news that their marriage is heading for divorce hit the internet on Wednesday, March 9th.

Korra Obidi Lash Back At Critics Advising That She Goes Offline Amid Marital Woes
Justin Dean and Korra Obidi

Her now estranged husband accused her of infidelity, narcissism, and unaccountability.

Reacting to the news,  Obidi had taken to Instagram to explain that she’s committed to taking care of herself and her newborn baby ‘Athena’.

Meanwhile, social media users have advised the dancer to go offline for some days to take care of her baby and come to terms with her impending divorce.

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However, in an Instagram live, Obidi lashed back at those making such suggestions warning them to stay off her page.

The mother of two stated she cannot stay away from social media because it’s her source of income.

“All of you saying that I should leave social media during these times. Are you mad? Do you know that social media pay me? Without social media, how will my kids eat? Please get out of my page.

Do you think I have the luxury of doing that? Do you think this is fun and games for me? Don just let me lash out at you. Now more than ever, I cannot afford to be off social media,” she said.

Meanwhile, in a recent post, Justin Dean revealed he is walking away from his marriage to Korra Obidi in order to maintain his mental health.

I’m heartbroken!. Anyone that knows me or watches me online knows that I’m a dedicated family man to both Korra and my children. This is honestly the hardest decision of my life, but necessary.”


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A post shared by Justin Dean (@drjustindean)

I’m walking away from this marriage for my mental health and to be the best version of myself. I must set a healthy example for my children. This has nothing do with postpartum depression.
I’ve been betrayed once again and she is unbothered, which pretty much summarizes our marriage.
 My apology to the all the young men and women that believed we had a “perfect marriage”.

Marriage is based on mutual love, respect, humility, accountability, empathy, apologies and most of all effective communication to understand the other person’s perspectives. Likes and views shouldn’t be the highlight of your relationship.

Men: Your mental health matters! In order to be strong, you have to be happy,” he wrote.

Korra and Justin got married on 17 December 2017.

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