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How Waist Beads Can Improve Your S*x Life

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waist beads


Waist beads or Ileke Idi as most western Nigerians call it is a jewelry women use to hold onto their men’s attention.


Many ladies wear them to attract men to themselves. Some even say it makes their backside look bigger and fuller. Women see waist beads as an asset they would want to have as they feel it serves a lot of purposes.


Waist beads are worn by women of different ages and sized and for different purposes. Some wear them for beautification, some for fancy and others for s****l purposes


It has the special ability to adorn a woman’s waist making her look even more attractive and beautiful.  Some even say that it helps to improve lovemaking with their partners. Women take this as an opportunity to enhance foreplays before intercourse.


waist bead


The movement of the beads against the skin between partners during lovemaking helps to enhance intercourse. It increases the sensation and excitement of both of them.


For some men, the sound of the waist beads during intercourse increases their performance levels. It helps to make intercourse longer and sweeter.


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waist beads


Some men like to play with the beads while making conversations with their women. They like the feel and touch of the beads on the women’s waist. They even enjoy admiring them on their partner’s body.


The jiggle of a bead on a woman’s waist when she walks has the power to catch the attention of her man. it focuses the attention of her man on her and her needs. A woman likes to hold the attention of her man and this bead gives her the opportunity.


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