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How To Use Parental Control Settings On Google Play To Protect Children

In the spirit of the Children’s Day celebration, we are explaining how much control parents can have on their child’s smartphone use, especially when it comes to Google Play. The developers at Google understand that not all the apps on its store are healthy for children; thus, they provide this tool for parents and guardians to protect kids.


For children to enjoy the best of Google Play, parents should help them find the best of family-friendly content. When you visit the Google Play store, you find app categories that are labeled Family. This offers applications, books and games that children will enjoy.


However, leaving children unsupervised means that they are left alone to their own vices. They may find apps and games that are harmful and download them because of the entertainment that they offer. To prevent this from happening, parents and guardians need to up their supervision.

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Here are steps for you to set Parental controls on Android smartphones and tablets on Google Play:


How To Use Parental Control Settings On Google Play To Protect Children
Parental controls setting on Google Play.


Open Google Play and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen.


Find the Settings option and open it.


Next, go to Parental controls under the User controls category.


You will have to toggle it on to start using it. Additionally, if you have not used it before, you will also set up a pin. Set pins that your children cannot easily guess.


Once Parental controls are on, you can choose the kind of restrictions you want on Google Play for that account.


Setting it at 3+ means that the device can only download apps rated 3+ using that Google Play account. You also have the option of setting it to 7+, 12+, 16+ and 18+.


How To Use Parental Control Settings On Google Play To Protect Children
Parental controls app permission setting on Google Play.


If you choose the last option which says “Allow all, including unrated”. The device would be able to download all apps including unrated apps. Note that this is the default settings that Google Play accounts come with.


Also, to prevent your child from accidentally buying apps with money in the Google Play account; you can set passwords and authentication for every purchase. This is especially important for those that share their Android devices with children.


With these settings and more (details available on Google Play Help), you can give children the best while protecting them from the worst.


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