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How to use Apple Watch as a iPhone camera remote

With its several uses, an Apple Watch can be more than a fitness gadget or a way to check your iPhone’s notifications. For example, in this article, you will learn how to use an Apple Watch as a camera remote.

When is tis going to come in handy? For your next group photo, no one has to be left out simply because they have to hold the camera. All you have to do is connect your watch and stay within Bluetooth range and follow the instructions below.

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How to use Apple Watch as a camera remote


  • First, you need to set up the iPhone for capturing by opening the Camera app and placing the phone where you want it to be (on a surface or attached to a phone stand).
  • Next, open the Camera app on your watch and you will see what your phone camera sees from the watch’s face.
  • You can use the shutter icon to take a photo as well as the Digital Crown to zoom in and out.

Other things you can do besides just snapping is to review your photo from the Apple Watch. Just tap on the photo thumbnail that is usually in the bottom left and double tap to make the image fill your watch’s screen.

Additionally, the three dots represent settings menu where you can select front and rear cameras, choose flash settings and other edit options.

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