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How To Transfer Old Android Apps To Your New Phone

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Phone users are mostly oblivious to the inner workings of app installation. This is because modern mobile operating systems have made things really simple. It is easy to just simply download an app with just one click. Users do not have to worry about the actual location of the application files.


But the problem sort of arises when you need to change your phone. You probably want a very simple way to move your favourite apps from your old device to your new phone. It is easier to just simply download the app unto the new phone again. But on the occasion that the app is no longer available on the Play Store, moving the apps will be more appropriate.


This is a very handy tool Android devices can benefit from. iOS users, unfortunately, don’t have the same luxury. On Android, users can find, save app files and then transfer them to another device for manual installation.




It might be worthy for you to know that the file that contains an app on an Android device is called an APK. This is what users download when they install an app from the Play Store. It is what you need to share in order to transfer an app from a phone to another.


However, keep in mind that an app that is no longer on the Play Store will not have any new updates. This also means that the safety and compliance of the app with the new Android Standards will be faulty. It is really not advisable to use apps that cannot be actively updated.


But if for some reason you still want to move such apps, find out how below.


On the old device

  • You would need to download an APK Extractor Pro from the Play Store. The free version comes with ads.
  • On the app, you will be required to accept the terms and conditions. You also need to grant it the permission to access files on the old device.
  • You will now need to find the app you want to move and tap the three dot menu beside it.
  • Select Share and then a destination that will be able to access on the new phone. This could be Google Drive or even an email to yourself.




On The New Device

  • Now, moving to the new phone, you will need to pick up where you left off on the old phone.
  • Locate the file where you have the app saved. It could be your Google Drive or email. The file is expected to have the app title and end with “.apk.”
  • Open the file. Your phone is likely to warn you about not installing unknown apps.
  • On the Android 8 OS and later, you can tap “Settings.” You will find a bit that says you can authorise a specific app to install unknown apps. You should now grant the permission for what app the downloaded app is contained in.
  • Then go back and hit the prompts to install the new app on the new phone.
  • The app will then be installed and will appear in the app drawer on your new device.


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