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How To Prepare For An Interview Using Alexa

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As scary as interviews are for some, others seem to just emit confidence juice before and after an interview without even trying. In spite of how these latter species make it seem so easy, interviews can be a bit unnerving. You have no idea what you will be asked during the interview. You don’t know what kind of answer they would want. You’re not sure if you’re properly dressed for the interview. Basically, there seems to be a lot to look out for when preparing for an interview.

This is why the new Alexa feature that helps you prepare for an interview is quickly becoming popular. Granted, you can prepare by engaging the assistance of a friend in asking you questions, or you can go on Google on questions that could possibly be asked. Regardless, there’s nothing like a reliable feature to save you the hassle.

With this feature, you can narrow it down to the job you’re applying for and the role you’re taking. Alexa would ask you questions based on this, further increasing your confidence when you get asked more job-related questions. You wouldn’t be rated, but you can use the Alexa and friends function to help get others to rate you. Make new friends through the process and find out areas where you could have answered better and where you nailed it.

So, whatever and whenever the interview is, get ready to prepare yourself with job-related questions that would help you ace your interview. Alexa makes things easier!


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