Optimise Your Living Space With These Tips

Optimise Your Living Space With These Tips

It goes without saying that the state of your living space affects all aspects of your life. Your environment is usually a reflection of how you are on the inside. The conditions in which you live have a bearing on the quality of your life. Here are a few ways to optimise your living space.


1. Invest in maintenance

It is a lot cheaper to maintain stuff than to replace them when they get ruined. Keep money aside for plumbing, electrical repairs and locks. Don’t ‘manage’ broken things, and don’t dismiss it as “your landlord’s property”. That’s not a way to live. Fix your faucet and change your lightbulbs, dear.


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2. Improve your lighting situation

Make sure to install enough lights for your house to look bright and lively. Lights are not only for you to “see road”. It’s a lot more than that. Proper lighting uplifts your mood as much as dim poor lighting dampens it.


3. Keep your house ventilated

Another way to optimise your living space is to make sure your house is properly ventilated. Ensure that you’re breathing clean air. In fact, the first thing you should do when you move into a house is to change out the old netting on the windows for a brand new clean one. House plants are also a good and stylish way of getting fresh air.


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4. Clean your house regularly

Don’t give dust, dirt, and trash a chance to accumulate and climb on your head. Make it a routine to do at least a few minutes of tidying every day. Do intensive cleaning on the weekend. Don’t abandon the nooks and corners. Your house will be a more pleasant place to live in.


5. Buy things you like

Now, we’re not telling you to throw all your money into fancy furniture. But as much as you consider functionality when buying things, also make sure to look out for things that make you happy. Have a couple of items that spark joy anytime you see them.


What are your tips for optimising your living space? Share them in the comment section below.


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