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How To Make Your Stitch Braids Last Longer

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Do you fancy doing a different kind of braid up? The stitch braid is one unique way to go about it. It’s similar to the thick and thin cornrows but is much fancier. This braiding technique became popular in 2016, and it only gets better.


You can achieve this style by parting your hair into about five to seven horizontal lines down the head. Then section the thick lines of hair into elegant box shapes of hairy razor-straight lines. Then plait a thin line of hair after the stitch braid. It’s quite fancy and chic and has a neat and unique appeal.




However, you don’t want to lose the chicness of the braids. It’s very easy to forget to manage your hairdo because of how light and easy it is to style. There’s also the factor of your busy schedule. Although, you should never be too busy to look levelled up and super fly. Therefore, we’ve got your back. There’s no way you’ll look thirsty with our stitch braids maintenance tips.


How to maintain your stitch braids

You have to lay your edges. This is not even negotiable. Use an edge control gel — like African Pride Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold Braid, Loc and Twist Gel, or Hicks Total Transformations Edge Gel — to slick down your baby hairs.


Also, with braids comes the frizz. So you need to apply some mousse to set your braids before going to bed. After application, tie a silk scarf around your head.


Another method of maintenance is to hydrate your hair accordingly. You don’t want your hair to look water deprived. Spritz your braids in the morning with leave-in conditioner mist to keep it hydrated.


Watch the “Stitch Up” braiding technique below.

The Stitch Up

stitch up braids hairstyle

Source: Cosmopolitan 

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