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How To Maintain Great Uber Rider Ratings

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Uber has revealed that it will start deactivating its customers who have below-average ratings. This is a legit cause for alarm for every Uber rider, especially those that depend on ride-hailing apps to get around town. The big question now is: how do you manage to not get kicked off Uber for good?


Uber rules every rider should know

1. Follow the law

Obey the law


There are basic rules and regulations that you, as a rider, can find on Uber’s community guidelines page. Uber says riders should not have any physical contact with the driver or fellow riders. Uber also discourages any form of s****l misconduct between driver and rider. They also suggest that riders do not use inappropriate or abusive languages or gestures.


They also forbid contacting the driver after the trip for any personal reason whatsoever. The use of illegal substances like drugs is also heavily forbidden. The driver has a right to give you a very low rating too if you force them to rush or break traffic laws. Firearms and alcohol drinking is also forbidden on the Uber ride. So smoking and leaving food and drinks behind is also definitely you breaking the law.


2. Respect everyone


Respect is a very important part of getting your driver to give you good ratings. It starts from the first conversation, the way you answer or make the call and how you address your driver. In this part of the world, the word respect carried a different meaning, so you might want to be as polite as possible with your tone and the way you address the driver. Also, try not to touch them or make dismissive gestures.


Do not hit your driver! It is a total no to put your hands on anyone. It is important to not threaten them too, especially when they are not answering your outrageous requests. Keep the conversation light if you must speak to them, and avoid personal questions. Also, don’t make unnecessary weird jokes. Comments that border on tribal bias or snide comments insulting your driver in a language you think they won’t understand may definitely get you a one-star rating.


Do not discriminate against their gender, race, complexion, religion or physical attributes. To be safe, you might want to stay away from passing compliments too because of how they may perceive them. A big thing on respect is also to treat their car with respect and not have outrageous demands. They only need to get you to your destination. Make sure to clean up after yourself.


Furthermore, respect the driver’s time too and don’t keep them waiting too long. If you had to be held up for reasons beyond your control, please let them know. Bringing in strong-smelling food or odour can also bring you bad ratings. Keep in mind that whatever can make you give them bad rating may make them give you bad ratings too. Be considerate.


3. Get another app

Uber Rider


If all else fails and somehow you think you can’t abide by these rules or you have already been kicked off the app, there are other options. They include Gidicab, Lyft and Bolt (formerly Taxify). But just remember that these apps also have their unique rules. Taxify, for example, will charge you if you keep your driver waiting for longer than five minutes.


Lastly, try not to break anything and respect yourself.



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