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How To Look Expensive On A Budget

Everybody likes to look fancy. You cannot deny that good-looking boujee people get better treatment than regular people. But with the economy in the gutters and the bleakness of things, it can be hard to afford your desired fashion style. Luckily, we are here to rescue you! Here are some tips you could try to look expensive on a budget.

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1. Invest in timeless statement pieces

statement shoe
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If you want to splurge, consider investing in some high-quality attention-grabbing pieces. Whether it be a statement pair of shoes or a faux fur coat, luxury eye-catching items can be the centerpieces for your signature looks.

2. Stock up on basics


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One good way to look expensive on a budget is to get a lot of basic neutral clothes. Your items of clothing don’t have to be super fancy. A good black turtleneck or that staple white t-shirt can form the foundation so so many stylish outfits.


3. Take care of your skin, hair, and nails

nails hair makeup tips for looking expensive on a budget
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If your hair, nails, and skin are not properly groomed, you can look trashy even with the most expensive clothes. For hair, focus on volume. Clean monochrome nails and clear skin with tasteful classy makeup are the standards to aspire to. Find out what you can manage within your budget and take care of your hair, skin, and nails to the best of your ability.

4. Focus on fabrics


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When shopping in the market, pay very close attention to the fabrics. What is the item of clothing made out of? While wool blends, tweed, cotton, and linen materials look a lot more upscale. It also looks really nice when you contrast different fabrics by wearing different textures of clothes in one outfit.

5. Accessorise minimally

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Pairing your outfits with dainty little pieces of jewelry make you look classy and boujee. A slight hint of gold can turn a casual outfit to minimalist chic. Go for more understated jewelry and save the costume jewelry for when you absolutely have to make a statement.

6. Launder your clothes properly

expensive on a budget
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Washing clothes too frequently wears down the fabrics and fades the colors, making them look old and cheap. Follow the laundry instructions on the cloth tags, they are there for a reason. Also, make sure to iron or steam your clothes. Wrinkled clothes look cheap and untidy.

7. Alter your clothes

expensive on a budget clothes
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When an item of clothing is ill-fitting, it does not matter how expensive it is, it will definitely look cheap. So make sure you try clothes out to make sure they fit. If they don’t and you are bent on getting them, make sure to get them amended. You could even make small adjustments like swapping the buttons for better, classier ones.

8. Look for clean finishing

expensive on a budget
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Clean finishing is one trick to looking expensive. The quality of an item is given away by its finishing and accessories. Opt for items with clean lines and invisible threads and zippers. This rule also goes for bags and shoes. Accessories, frills, and zippers are often an indicator of bad quality.

9. Wear the appropriate underwear

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Wear good underwear to create a smooth silhouette under your clothes. Bra lines and visible panty lines are distracting and make your clothes look flimsy and ill-fitting. A well-fitted bra or a little lightweight shapewear can minimize bumps and distractions, and make your clothes look instantly more luxe.

By far the most important tip for looking expensive on a budget is your confidence. The way you carry yourself can make your okrika jeans look like you bought them from Levi’s.

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