How To Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

How To Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

The bathroom is a sanctuary for sanctification and should be treated as such. You cannot cleanse yourself in an unclean environment. But unfortunately, bathrooms get dirty really fast. So we are here with some tips you could use to keep your bathroom clean for longer.


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1. Change out the lightbulb

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Brighter lights make a room look cleaner and better. When your bathroom is well lit, you can notice stains immediately, and your bathroom won’t get and stay dirty as fast.


2. Organise bath products with a shower caddy

It is disgusting and sloppy to have your soap just lying on the tub. Having your toiletries organised on a shower caddy makes the bathroom look neat and orderly.


3. Organise your non-bath products

bathroom toilet clean
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Having products scattered all over makes your bathroom look cluttered and untidy. So organise your toiletries and other stuff into storage containers or baskets. You could even use a dainty tray for a classier feel.


4. Get a trash can

toilet bathroom bin
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Reduce the clutter and litter in your bathroom by keeping a small bin close by. Get rid of tiny bits of paper or wraps that would otherwise end up on the floor.


5. Add some hooks

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Hang your towels, robes and sponges with pretty adhesive hooks. This declutters the shower or tub area and keeps your bath tools neatly arranged.


6. Always dry the floors

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The major thing that makes floors dirty fast is when water trails mix with dirt. Keep floors dry by wiping your feet on a bathmat and making sure to mop the floor after taking a bath.


7. Clean every week

clean your toilet
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Your toilet should ideally be cleaned every week depending on how many people use it. Regular cleaning and maintenance keep mould from growing and the toilet from going bad.


8. Keep it ventilated

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The air in your toilet has to be clean also. So make sure to open the windows to let out bad smells and keep the bathroom from getting stuffy. Warmth and dampness encourage the growth of mould and fungus and you would like to avoid that.


9. Make it smell nice

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Your toilet should not smell like a mess. When you’re done using it, make sure to eliminate bad smells by opening the window, spraying some air freshener or lighting a scented candle.


Just because you do your dirty business in the bathroom doesn’t mean it should be dirty. Maintain your home and keep it clean for nobody but yourself. For more on cleanliness, check out this article on genital hygiene.

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