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How To Keep Safe In Clubs And Bars As Cities Reopen Across The Country

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After much waiting, some states have now reopened restaurants and clubs, basically “the outside” much to the delight of everyone. The pandemic has kept everyone stuck in their houses with little or nothing to socialise with asides the internet. Finally, we can now have drinks and spend quality time with friends in the outdoors.

keep safeHowever, before you go trooping into public spaces, they’re a few things you must note to keep safe and do your bit to prevent another surge of the virus.

Here’s a list that can guide you.

Order in before you go

Now, it would be super awkward when you and your group of friends troop into your favorite restaurant and find they can’t serve you guys because well, you don’t have a reservation. Yeah, it’s true, because of the social distancing rule, most restaurants use a reservation list to cater to customers. So, call in first to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Pack your safety kit

Do not forget to go along with your face mask and hand sanitisers as these are very important.

Keep your distance

We can go out doesn’t mean you should huddle with a group of strangers in public spaces. Maintain the required 6 feet distance from people when you step out to keep safe.

Remember curfew!

Ah yes, this is still on. Don’t have one too many drinks and forget you’ve to beat the 10 o’clock curfew as that is still in place.

Feeling sick? Stay home

Are you feeling a little sick, feverish, or generally not ok? Save yourself  (and others) the trouble and stay at home because you never really know.


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