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How To Improve Intimacy In Your Relationship

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Starting a relationship is as hard as making friends as an adult. You have to begin from the decision to trust that person with your heart first. They may or may not break it; only time would tell. But the big goal is to put enough effort into the relationship so you don’t have any regrets.


If you suddenly feel your partner drifting away, creating a distance you abhor, then you need to feed your intimacy. Your relationship can thrive through any challenge if you put in the effort to make it work. Get yourself out of the rut of feeling sad, and kick-start your determination to build your bond.


There are many ways to improve your relationship, and it’s not all s****l. Surprisingly, s*x can get tiring at some point, but that bond is for a lifetime. A lot of things can happen in the course of dating where one partner becomes unable to satisfy the other sexually. One of the problems could be the low s*x drive of either partner.




Although there are s*x enhancement drugs that can make you have s*x like a boss, that’s beside the point. In order to build a genuinely intimate relationship, you need to overlook every superficial thing. You need to consider other ways to build your intimacy, because when s*x goes, what’s left?


All that’s left is what you would need to bank on for a lifetime with your partner. This is why you need to build substance in your relationship. Try out these intimacy building tips that will give your relationship enough substance to last a lifetime.


How to improve intimacy in your relationship

Generally, you need to be thoughtful and intentional about your relationship. Treat your partner the same way you’d want them to treat you.


1. Get busy in the kitchen


No, we don’t mean s*x even though that’s a tempting proposition. By doing chores like cooking, cleaning and washing together, you get closer. You find out more things about yourselves by doing something as basic as this.


2. Write love letters


Too old school for you? That’s what makes it magical. By taking the time out of your busy schedule to write a love letter for your partner, you show you care. It’s a thoughtful and sweet gesture. You can use any of the following as a starting guide:

  • I feel so special when you…
  • I love how you…
  • It’s so amazing that you can achieve…
  • The things I love about you are…


3. Be supportive


Your partner needs to know that you’ll always have their back. To prove this, you need to be understanding and compassionate. This shows how supportive you are. This is necessary, especially when you’ve had a long and hard day out. Coming home would feel much better when you know who you’re coming to.


4. Five magic words


Learn how to apply the five magic words or phrases in your relationship. They are: excuse me, please, sorry, thank you and pardon me.


5. Little surprises


There’s nothing that screams ‘special’ more than little surprise gifts. When you get thoughtful gifts like a bouquet of flower, a box of chocolate, even when it’s not a special day, it makes you feel good. Doing this for your partner would make them feel loved. You can also plan a surprise date just for the sake of being with that person.


6. Step away from the phone


You have to admit that your phone can be a distraction. The habit of finding companionship online can make you ignore the actual human living under the same roof with you. Take a break from your phone and make your partner your new smartphone. Share everything and ask for their opinion. Honestly, if relationships were like our social media apps, they would last longer.


7. Take a walk together


The best time to do this is at night when the serenity gives you an opportunity to feel cosy. Walking would help you get talking about deep-seated issues. This would help you build a deeper emotional connection.


8. Spice up your s*x life


S*x is still in the equation even if you just want to build your emotional intimacy. You need to consider new ways to spice up your s*x life besides the missionary position. It can get boring especially when you’ve been with your partner for a long time. Be inventive and seek a counsellor’s advice if possible. Also, you can send a racy text message or a cute picture in the middle of the day.

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