How To Import Your WhatsApp Chat History To Telegram

How To Import Your WhatsApp Chat History To Telegram

Telegram will allow you to import your chat history from WhatsApp on iOS. This means you won’t lose any of your past conversations if you want to switch to the messaging service.


The Telegram 7.4 update released yesterday comes with the new feature as spotted by 9to5Mac. However, the update is not yet live on Android. Apart from WhatsApp, users can also import chat histories from Line and KakaoTalk according to Telegram’s changelog.


The feature allows you to import from WhatsApp to Telegram’s newest 7.4.1 update to continue the conversation, so long both WhatsApp users have a Telegram account.

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This comes as users are leaving WhatsApp in their droves due to its controversial privacy policy. Telegram as a result is reporting huge increases in user numbers, with the service now boasting over 500 million active users worldwide. WhatsApp later delayed the introduction of the new policy, choosing to properly communicate the policy and insisting that it won’t affect the security of consumer chats or profile data.


Now, the ability to leave WhatsApp and take their chat histories provides more incentive for WhatsApp users to switch to Telegram. At the moment, the feature works on a chat-by-chat basis.



How to import a chat from WhatsApp;


— open the conversation

— tap the group or contact name from the top of the chat to open its info screen.

— click on the “Export Chat”, it will open up the iOS Share Sheet. Then you can choose to export with or without media

— select Telegram from the options.

—  and, finally, pick a Telegram chat to import the messages into.


The feature allows you to import the chats with or without their images and have a small imported marker on them. The imported feature also means that the messages may be arranged in the order in which they are imported instead of how they are sent.



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