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How To Handle Getting Ghosted

We have all been there. You meet someone you think you vibe with. You talk and laugh and maybe even hang out. Then all of a sudden, they stop replying your texts. You put away your pride and double-text, and still nothing. They don’t even pick your calls. You’ve been ghosted.


But hold off on rushing to your keypad to dragging them via a Twitter thread. This is the right way to handle being ghosted.


how to deal with getting ghosted
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1. Don’t feel stupid

When you get ghosted, you might start to feel dumb for opening up to that person or for the amount of time you wasted getting to know them. Don’t do that. Putting yourself out there is not stupid. Do you know what is stupid? Ghosting.


2. Don’t take it personally

If someone ghosts you, just use the age-long break-up excuse to get by; it’s not you, it’s them. Their decision to disappear instead of stating their intentions and explaining their actions makes them immature. It reflects badly on them, not you.


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3. Blow off some steam

It is completely understandable to feel screwed over. It is okay for you to get angry. Just be sure to keep it in check. As important as it is to express yourself and talk about your feelings, make sure to only rant to people you trust.


4. Evaluate yourself

Now that you know how it feels for someone to bail on you, ask yourself whether or not you have in some way ghosted someone else. It should teach you to empathise so you will become more careful about hurting the feelings of others.


how to deal with getting ghosted
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5. Move on

Most importantly, make moving on a priority. Sulking won’t do you any good. Don’t dwell too much on what could have been had they not ghosted you. Also, don’t let it discourage you from getting to know other people either.


Lastly, remember that you are a spice and the ghosting is their loss, not yours.


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