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How To Glam Up Your Little Black Dress

A little black dress, LBD for short, is that wardrobe staple that helps you express yourself through your styling technique. If you’ve worn your LBD the same way over and over again, making it seem yawn-worthy, then you need to reintroduce yourself to the glam world of styling.

While you might need more than one black dress if you actually love black dresses, you don’t necessarily need more than one to show its versatility. Glamming up your LBD makes shopping easier because you don’t need a complete outfit, just accessories. Most times, you have all you need for a glam session in your wardrobe and just need the right style inspiration to know what works for you.

We’ve gathered 10 style inspiration for your little black dress. We hope at the end you get inspired to glam up, whether it’s for a gala night or a girl’s night out. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

The LBD Glam Up Guide

All-Black? Really?

Going all black has a way of giving you such sophisticated appeal. You can style your little black dress with a black pantyhose and black heels.


Hat Attack Please

If casual chic is what you’re going for, then throw on a pair of sassy sandals and a hat. The pop of colour will give you a pop-culture appeal.

Heels don’t lie

There’s no statement you can make more than with your heels. You can look drab, but your footwear can turn your look from yawn to yummy. Get the right heels and add a pop of colour to your look.

Throw on a jacket

Throw on a jacket to tone down the monochrome palette of an LBD. You can do this with a vest, leather jacket or cardigan, then use accessories to spice up your look.

Simple Statement

If you want less drama, then you can play around with your accessories. Get your body sparkling in colourful or metallic accessories, from earrings to necklaces and bracelets.

Shades On

Go all black if you want, but there’s nothing more thrilling than when you catch people off guard. By throwing on your shades, you can stand out in your street style inspirational look.

Transform your LBD now from yawn to yummy now. Share your style tips with us. 

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