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How To Get His Attention When He Becomes Emotionally Unavailable

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So you have been dating for a few months now, and your boyfriend who was once all over you is suddenly too busy. He is withdrawn and not saying anything. You think something is wrong, but he tells you nothing has changed.


If you find yourself in this position, this is how to get his attention back.


1. Get busy

The truth is you might be getting yourself all worked up for his attention because you are either less busy or don’t have a lot on your plate presently.


He is not a baby that you should wait on night and day to know if he is happy or not. Get busy at your job or that hobby that you love. When he is done being withdrawn, he would come around. And if he doesn’t, then it was never met to be.


2. Make him miss you


Do you miss him badly but feel like it’s one-sided? Well, then turning the tables around could help. It’s time to let him miss you. Don’t go running to his place the moment he reaches out. In your mind, he has learned his lesson. When he calls after a week or two, let him know you have been busy with something and would see him much later. Don’t be afraid that he would leave you. You are worth the wait.


3. Pay attention to yourself

Pay attention to yourself


Men are very physical by nature. They are moved by what they see. Use this break to invest in yourself physically. You need to look extra good so he sees what he is missing and stands to lose if he keeps going off and on.


4. Watch if he repeats the circle


When next he goes off on you, ask yourself if this is his habit or if he is just disturbed about something at that point. You don’t want a man that is emotionally unavailable. This kind of relationship will drain you. So before you get back together, watch if he keeps repeating this habit, and end the relationship if it appears so.


5. Make up your mind

You need to be strong-willed. If the relationship isn’t working, let it go. If he is ready to change, then you can give him a second chance. Your man should know what he wants, and if he hasn’t figured it out, give him space to do so.

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