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How To Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot

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Some Windows 10 users have complained of slow boot problems while using the new OS. It can be very frustrating experiencing booting issues upon upgrading to the new Windows 10 from an earlier version.

There are a few simple methods that can you can use to correct these issues.

1. Update your graphics card driver

Old or corrupted drivers can make your Windows 10 computer boot slowly. Updating your device drivers can solve this problem.

To do this, download the latest drivers from your graphics card manufacturer’s official website. To make this easy, use Driver Easy to do it automatically.

Start by downloading and installing Driver Easy, then click “Run” and click the “Scan Now” button. Driver Easy will now scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

How To Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot

2. Disable Windows 10 automatic maintenance

Dual graphics cards’ PCs and laptops might experience delay booting due to automatic maintenance in Windows 10. To tackle this issue, launch registry editor by typing “Regedit” in the search box or “Run.” Navigate to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\Maintenance

To your right, there will be a 32-Bit DWORD value of the name “Maintenance Disabled.” You can go ahead to disable Automatic Maintenance Windows 10. A 32-bit keyword is mostly required. You will need to double click the key to see its value. Set the value to 1 to disable automatic maintenance in Windows 10.

3. Disable startup services and startup programs

To disable startup programs, right click on the start menu and selecting Task Manager or use Ctrl + Alt + Del shortcut. Go to Start-up, select the performance bugging programs and disable them.

For services, right-click the start menu and select Run or press Windows key + R. Go to the Services tab and click the services you do not need to start up alongside the OS.

To be on the safe side, try to hide all the Microsoft services. Microsoft services might be essential so try disabling other services to fix the issue. Now, reboot your Windows 10 computer and check to see if it boots quickly.

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