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How To Find Your Lost Huawei Smartphone Using ‘Google Find My Device’

Huawei smartphones are designed with top-notch technology and intelligence, this is why it comes with features that allow owners find lost ones. There are also several things users can do remotely to keep their Huawei smartphones safe as we shall consider.


However, for any of the steps in this article to work, users have to have the phone retrieval setup turned on in the devices. Also, Huawei phones that were launched after May 2020 may not be able to do some of what is described below.


This is because the US mandated that Google and other tech firms located on the soil are to stop trading with Huawei. Yet, many still use phones that came before the ban and thus they have access to Google software.

How to find lost Huawei smartphones using Google

— First, users have to visit the Android find website. If you have previously logged in to Google Account on missing device, you proceed to sign in using the Google Account ID and password.


— Next, the name of the device comes up along with a Google map. While this will not show a precise location such as the house it is in, it can show an approximate location. This location will help you narrow where your phone is, down to the neighbourhood.

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— Also, if the phone is missing in your house, you can remotely make it ring to make finding it easier. This works whether the phone is on silent or vibrate. It can ring for as long as 5 minutes. However, it has to be switched on to work.


— In addition to the above remote control. You can lock your device with your PIN, pattern, or password. Also, if you didn’t set one before it went missing, you can do so remotely. And if you prefer, you can send a message or phone number (to call) to the device’s lock screen.


— If there are sensitive details on your device, you can permanently erase all data on your device storage. This may not work on data on SD cards. But once you erase all your data, the Find My Device feature won’t work on the device again.


If after you have erased the phone, you find it, you can resume using it as long as you have the Google account details.


For Huawei smartphones that cannot use Google software, Huawei Mobile Cloud currently offers the option of finding them when lost. It also supports multi-devices under one HUAWEI ID.


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