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How To Escape The Friend Zone And Stay Out Forever

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“Let’s just be friends.”


If you’re familiar with that line, then you’ve most likely been caught up in the friend zone at some point. It’s not your fault your heart decides to skip a beat when you see that person. Neither is it your fault you feel the butterflies flutter at the sound of that symphonic laugh. You’re simply caught up in the love club, and that person is just left behind. We know, it sucks.




It can be frustrating when you feel this way, especially when the other party is unaware. Chances are you’ve been struck in the heart by the “let’s just be friends” line before, so you’re scared. It’s not your fault you’ve developed a more intense feeling while the other is happy with the friendship-only arrangement.


Or maybe you’re in a friends-with-benefits situation where you both get sexually gratified. Chances are the other party gets material and emotional gratification as well while you get nothing. Whatever the case is, you need to step out and stay out of that friend zone situation. It’s not the coolest club in town!




The friend zone situation

If you’re still in doubt about your relationship status, here’s a scenario that might be familiar.


Alex and Emerald are just friends. Alex does everything for her and could even donate his kidney if she asked. He buys her anything she wants, takes her on exotic trips, listens to her and comforts her when she’s sad. The problem is that he does this “as friends”, but he wants more from her. However, Emerald keeps talking about other guys and has even been in other relationships. She also tells him the gory details of their s****l escapades. How much more can Alex take? He’s in love and can do anything to see her smile.


Even when Emerald is single, she’s happy because she has her “friend” by her side. Alex is meeting all her ‘boyfriend’ needs, so why want one when she’s got him?


Are you like Alex?


Don’t be! Get out of the friend zone now! CLICK HERE to find out how.

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