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How To Enable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages On Android, iOS and KaiOS

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The new WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature recently rolled out to all the apps users and in this post, we will be showing you how to enable the feature. The feature is available on all WhatsApp-supported devices and platforms.


Android, iOS, and Linux-based KaiOS devices, as well as WhatsApp Web and Desktop platform support the feature. Users can enable the Disappearing Messages feature for individual and group chats. However, only the group admins will be able to enable disappearing messages in group chats.


After the Disappearing Messages feature is enabled, all new messages sent in the individual or group chat will disappear after seven days. WhatsApp says the setting won’t affect messages you previously sent or received in the chat.

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How to enable WhatsApp Disappearing messages feature on Android and iOS smartphones:

— open your WhatsApp app on your Android or iOS devices.

— tap on the contact’s name.

— under the contact’s information, you will see an option Tap Disappearing messages, right above the ‘Encryption’.

— after tapping it, select on.

— the disappearing messages feature will be enabled for that particular chat.

How to enable WhatsApp disappearing messages on KaiOS:

— open the WhatsApp app.

— select Options > View Contact > OK.

— select Disappearing Messages and select Edit.

— if prompted, select Next > OK. You then need to select On and then press on OK.


Telegram has a similar thing in its ‘secret chat’ feature. However, a major difference is that on WhatsApp there is no option of customising the time frame after which the messages will be deleted. Perhaps it will be part of a later update.


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