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How To Dress Up Casual Chic Like A Model

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Models seem to be everywhere you turn. We live in the era of fashion and social media, so they get all up in your business even if you want to ignore. What you don’t know is that half of the ‘models’ you see are just regular people dressing like models. With the right outfit paired up the right way, you too can doll up like a model.

However, you need to be careful not to overdo it because models actually ace the casual chic vibe. Doing anything contrary to that would only beat the purpose of looking like they do. No matter what they put on, they look effortlessly stylish. But don’t be deceived; there’s a method to their appeal. It’s all intentionally put together to pull off the relaxed, yet stylish look.

Fortunately, these looks are very affordable as most are basic wardrobe staples. So what are those clothing items you must have in your closet? And how can you style your outfits to achieve the casual chic vibe models exude so effortlessly?

how to dress like a model

1. Denimify

Let’s go crazy about denim shopping! Get yourself denim jeans, skirt, shorts, tops and jackets in different styles. Get well-fitting jeans with rips and frayed edges, and jackets with simple or signature styles. However you choose to style them, they just work. Ensure you get one that suits you and is comfortable for you. You’ll never run out of ideas on how to pair them.

2. Plain Jane rocks!

Models are often not dramatic with their tops. They go for the basic tee or shirt. Some can go crazy by wearing one with a slogan or stripe or leopard print. Pair your tee or shirt with your denim jeans or a skirt.

3. Edgy top

To transform your look from basic to edgy, put on an edgy jacket. Faux leather usually does it for some models, while others go for denim. The leather jacket gives an edge with its endless zips and buttons. Whichever you choose will transform you from boring to boogie-ready.

4. Sneakers don’t lie

The sneakers trend is here to stay, so you need to join the league. Models are often strutting the runway or doing photo-shoots in heels. So, they love to slip on a pair of comfortable sneakers every now and then. They also look good in almost anything — skirts, dresses, jeans or shorts.

All-black model look

5. Put on an edgy bottom

If you like your edginess portrayed with what you wear beneath, and you want to give your denim a breather, wear a pair of leather-looking leggings. Pair with a tee or shirt and they wouldn’t know what’s coming.

6. Accessorise like a pro

From oversized shades and the tiny rockstar glasses that barely cover your eyes to simple chain necklaces, find simple accessories to balance out your look.

7. In doubt? Put on black

If you’re out of options, pull out a black outfit from your closet. It’s fine, models are often seen wearing all black or black-styled outfits. There are many ways you can style your little black dress if that’s all you have.

Don’t forget your confidence behind! You need that to complete the look.

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