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how to choose password

How To Choose A More Secure Password, Common Mistakes To Avoid

Choosing the right password can be tasking, however, considering that you will most likely be storing confidential information, it’s advised that you put in more effort into the process. A breach has the potential to cost you so much.


Here are some tips and mistakes you should avoid when picking the perfect password;

Do not use the same password for all your accounts/devices

It may be tempting to do this as you only have to remember one password. However, this leaves you very vulnerable to attacks. Once you are compromised on one device or account, you are compromised in all. This makes it a bad idea.

Use longer passwords

The reason is simple; the number of possible combinations a long password presents makes it a daunting task for hackers. The best passwords are usually 8 characters and above. The longer the better.

Resist the urge to use a word from the dictionary

Some attacks employ what is called the “dictionary attacks”. An automated program with thousands of words from the dictionary is employed in these types of attacks to break a code. The more complex your password is, the better. Make it look like a combination of calculus and any language. It’s not a spelling bee.

Make it incredibly difficult

It’s supposed to be security for a reason. Passwords should not be guessable. Use a combination of numbers, letters, upper case, lower case, and special characters. Also, you can employ fingerprint authentication if it’s available.

Resist the urge to use personal information

It’s tempting to use birthdays, middle names, pet names and all other words that constitute a sentimental attachment to you, however, it is not advisable. If you are protecting anything, do it well!

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Don’t share your password

There are cases where an ex logged into a person’s account to get revenge. Thus, when you set a password, don’t tell anybody.

Use a password keeper

Since your password ideally should be complex, it’s advisable to have a password manager or keeper to store all your passwords. Keeping a journal of your password is not advisable as anyone can copy it.

Avoid free/public WiFi

Public Wi-Fi hotspots can be unsafe and put you at the risk of data breaches. Use private networks if you have to access your confidential information.

2Factor Authentication (2FA)

It is best you use this feature if the apps support it. With 2FA you have to confirm your login with a text message sent directly to your phone. This leaves you a lot safer because you’re alerted at any potential signing in.

How to choose a more secure password

The best tactic for choosing a password is to write out a sentence then swap out the words for characters and change the casing for the words. I’ll give an example;

Sentence: One amongst many.
Password 1: 1aMoNgSTm@ny
Password 2: !@mongSTm@NY


You get the drift, pick a sentence swap out the words and casing and you’ll have a much stronger password.


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