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How to check laptop specifications before you buy one

How to check laptop specifications before you buy one

Before you buy a new laptop, you should check specifications such as the operating system it is running on, screen size, display type, RAM and space storage, as well as the battery capacity.

In addition, you should check the processor that powers the new PC as well. Here is how to check specs on a laptop that is running Windows 10:

– Go to Settings > System > About > Device specifications.

You will see the system memory or RAM, architecture, and other features like pen and touch support.  The same steps mentioned above will allow you see the Windows specifications of a laptop.

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Besides the software specs, the list of other checks you should perform before buying a new laptop includes:

– Checking the power, a battery life of about 8 hours is great, but it is better with fast charging support

– The screen size should also match what your needs are (15 inches are the basic kinds but 12 to 14 inches are suitable for portability)

– The display kind that the PC uses is also important and it is advisable to pick IPS capable ones for better viewing

– You should also check the type of storage capacity it uses as PCs come with either HDD, SSD, or SSHD

– Ports are vital for connectivity and the more versatile they are, the better system you can build for your home or office.

Ultimately, your budget would play the key role in choosing what laptop you will buy. But it helps to narrow your choice as higher priced PCs are not always the best.

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