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Here’s How To Celebrate 2Baba’s Birthday

Innocent Ujah Idibia, better known as 2Baba, is celebrating his 44th birthday today! The legendary Afropop artist is one of the most awarded with a very impressive discography. Here are a couple of ways you can celebrate 2Baba’s birthday.


1. Sing at the top of your lungs


During and after his time in the boy band Plantashun Boiz, 2Baba always delivered beautiful vocals. The range of the said vocals may not have been so vast, but his singing has always come from a place of raw emotion. For 2Baba’s birthday, pick one of his songs that you can relate to and sing it with all your heart.


2. Write a love letter


Speaking of heart, 2Baba is famous for his heartfelt love songs. The amazing thing about his long list of hit love songs is that he does all his own songwriting! That’s a love of emotion going down on paper if you ask us. So to celebrate him, think about someone you love, and pen down something beautiful to them. Express how you feel and send it.


3. Compliment a woman


On his Peruzzi-collaborated hit track “Amaka”, 2Baba’s first lyrics are about his love for women. In fact, the song that threw him into the limelight was a ballad dedicated to the African woman. For 2Baba’s birthday, genuinely compliment a woman. Be it girlfriend, mother, sister, or coworker, tell a woman in your life what is good about her. Be honest and loving. You’ll put a smile on her face.


4. Do something good


2Baba is well-known for his philanthropy. He is very deeply involved in charitable work. Also, he established an NGO called the 2Baba Foundation centred around building accountability in governance. For 2Baba’s birthday, try giving back to society. It could be in a little way by giving alms to a beggar on the streets or protesting injustice. Whatever you can manage would be wonderful.


5. Just listen to his discography


2Baba has been active in the Nigerian music scene for over two decades. In that stretch of time, he has produced a lot worth listening to. You can stick to the hits or you could go back to his days in the Platashun Boiz and get an insight into how far he has come as an artist and how he has stuck around a lot longer than many Nigerian artists.


2Baba’s music has been around for a long time. His songs formed the soundtrack of the childhood of an entire generation. The fact that he still makes such beautiful music earns him the title of Legend.


Happy 44th birthday to 2Baba. Keep making us sing and dance.


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