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How to Capture Great Pictures when Working Out

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, there are simple tips on how to capture great pictures when working out.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to get people loving your fitness pictures at first sight.

From the right angle to the light, you can make a tacky gym wear and sweaty body look like you’re a top model on the covers of Vogue Magazine.

Too far?

Well, there’s no harm in dreaming.

Here are easy tips on how to make your Vogue cover dream come true by capturing great pictures at the gym.

Be an Early Bird


While you’re all motivated to join the Body Building, Pilates, Yoga and Treadmill-running league, there are a truck-load of people who are as motivated as you.

Therefore, you’re definitely going to meet a lot of people at the gym who would unconsciously photo-bomb.

The trick to getting a mirror or selfie photo with less or no crowd is to be an early bird.

Get to the gym early, and take your shot.

Find your Light

Find your Light like Seyi Shay

Natural light always does it best, but if you’re opting for something different, then you can work your magic indoor.

Honestly, what’s the point of taking pictures when you’ve got shadows casted at odd angles?

The trick to taking a good fitness picture when working out is to get the perfect lightening. Find the brightest spot indoor, and if possible you can stand on a toilet as long as you get your pictures popping.

It’s definitely worth it.

Get the Props into Action

While indoor pictures might be a challenge, it’s usually more believable if you’ve got your props in the shot.

From the gym equipment to your yoga mat, there are several options to pick from.

Who knows, maybe seeing these equipment might motivate someone to pursue a healthier lifestyle – or to just visit the gym and shoot some shots too.

Take Pre-Workout Pictures

Let’s be honest, after treading the mill and breaking into a tank full of sweat, we aren’t always motivated to go through the routine of taking a snapshot.

Hence, you should get your selfies taken way before the real workout begins.

Who cares if you haven’t broken a sweat yet?

Make a Friend

This works in two ways:

  1. You can beg a stranger to take a picture of you indoors or outdoors. This can be a bit awkward but it’s going to be worth it. However, ensure they take several shots so you have more options. They are doing you a favor and it doesn’t imply that they know the craft of good photography.
  2. Get someone to take a picture of you. Trust me, this would be a piece of cake because whatever the purpose of working out is – to stay fit or to burn some fat, most people want to take a good picture of their fitness journey. Through this, you can make a friend or two as you get them involved in your picture thrills.

Be Authentic

Sometimes, you just want the actual sweaty picture to make it more authentic.

You can either dab your sweat a little, to minimize it or just go all out with the drip-and drop sweat effect.

A useful tip, to looking less like you just ran through rain, is to wear dark colors.

You can achieve a perfect authentic sweaty picture by ensuring you get the right angle. No one wants to have their sweaty crotch displayed to the public.


You do not have to be a professional photographer to get great pictures showing your fitness journey.

Just do what’s right.

We hope that by following our tips, you can achieve your Vogue Cover dream.

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