How To Attend & Watch Microsoft’s Virtual Surface Event Happening Today

How To Attend & Watch Microsoft’s Virtual Surface Event Happening Today

Microsoft has slated its Surface event for today September 22nd, here’s how to attend and watch the virtual program. The Redmond-based company says it would talk about “devices and Windows 11.”

Today’s event will start at 8 AM Pacific Time and will be available for viewing through Microsoft’s website. You can save the event to your calendar, so you don’t miss any bit of the event.  Microsoft's Next Surface Hardware Launch Event on September 22, Surface Duo 2 Phone, New Laptops Expected | Technology News

The company has been sending invites to media houses to come to join them on what’s next for Microsoft and its Surface platform. Its invite page shows a teaser picture of a Surface tablet. Probably the Surface Pro 8, that’s if Microsoft goes by that name.

The Fall hardware event will be virtual. Cases of the Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to surge in the United States. There have been reports of a Surface Duo successor flying around, the Duo 2 version.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Release Date, Pricing and Spec News

According to reports, the biggest changes happening are the cameras, 5G support and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor. Even an NFC chip for contactless payment has been rumoured for the Surface Duo 2.

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Just maybe we might see the Successor to the Surface Book 3. Another talk of the day would be Windows 11, Microsoft will be releasing it as a free upgrade on October 5th.

The tech company made the announcement on the 31st of August 2021, available for newer 11th generation laptops and then older eligible laptops in Mid 2022. Like the other versions, Windows 11 will be released in batches, while the newer laptops will ship the operating system preloaded after October 5th.

Panos Panay Unveils Windows 11
Panos Panay Unveils Windows 11


Microsoft has a chance to impress the world on its current Andriod offering for the foldable market, and its laptops and tablet offerings. Apple has already announced its newest iPads and flagship phones. Samsung is already leading the Foldable market with its Flip/Fold smartphones? Will the Surface Duo 2 be able to compete?



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