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How To Apply For $1 Million Africa Online Safety Fund

In July 2020, announced a call for applications for the Africa Online Safety Fund, the window is still open, and here is how you can apply.


First, you have to understand what is looking for. The fund’s description page reveals that it is focused on solutions ‘which address women and children’s online safety specifically’. However, it is not exclusive. says it focuses on the above solutions because the groups are among the most targeted. But it is also looking for safety solutions to online menaces such as; identity theft, bullying and harassment, s*x trafficking, hate crimes, terrorist recruitment and promotion, mis or disinformation, and financial crimes.

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To apply for the Africa Online Safety Fund, click on this link. In order to aid easy filling of the form, you can download the questions and prepare ahead. This is because the form has to be completed in one try as it does not save information for you to continue later. is offering the $1 million funding to successful applicants. The company opened submissions on 17th July 2020 and has said that it will close on 21st August 2020.


Internet security has become a vital part of living today. There are more than 500 million internet users in Africa and over 250 million people own smartphones. Anyone can become susceptible to attacks, bullying or any other form of negativity online.


Recently, many social media companies have stepped up their policies to reduce these negative activities.


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