How To Add An Emergency Contact On Your Device; It Can Save Your Life

How To Add An Emergency Contact On Your Device; It Can Save Your Life

Suppose you lose your phone, or you were in an emergency situation requiring someone else to contact people on your behalf, how will they be able to help? It is common with smartphone users to put passwords or pins to secure their device and privacy, however, it can be counterproductive.


This post will teach you how you can momentarily give someone else the ability to contact an emergency number on your behalf in a situation you can’t and need help.


You can do this on your Android or iOS device, that way even if your phone is locked, people can contact your emergency contact on your behalf. I must add that you use close relatives or friends as your emergency contact.

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How to add an emergency contact on Android devices;

— lock your device then reopen it like you want to enter the password

— beneath the password window, you’ll see an emergency tab, tap on it

— after tapping it, an emergency information tab will appear, tap it twice to edit it.

— tap on the pencil icon on the top right corner of your screen,

— unlock the device and input the information.

You can also add information about your allergies, blood type, and other medical information as part of your medical information.


How to add an emergency contact on iOS devices;

— opening the health app

— tap on Medical ID

— select edit at the top right corner of your devices

— scroll down to add emergency contacts, select a contact, and your relationship with them.


You should do it now, it has the potential to save your life.


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