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How Technology On The Side Of The #EndSars Protest Makes It Unstoppable

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#EndSars has been the number one trending topic on Twitter for more than five days now, as Nigerians collectively came together to protest police brutality, injustice, and bad governance. The Nigerian government has tried to stop the protests instead of attending to the issues but the Youths won’t budge.


The advancement of technology has also made it more difficult for the government to quell protests as they no longer have a monopoly on the media. For every type of challenge they present, the people have a ready answer from available technology.


Stop the traditional media from covering the protests, no problems, and there’s social media documenting on all sides. The police have been trying to frame protesters but they also have been undone by videos from the young protesters.

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Hire thugs to disrupt protests? The protesters can inform one another and also record the thugs, research their addresses and hold the police accountable. Shut down the payment link? No issues, payments can be made in cryptocurrency.


The Nigerian government might have the armed men on the ground, however, these young Nigerians are resolute and more sophisticated in the area of technology and have put it to good use. It’s bewildering that the government doesn’t yet realise that the days of locking down a country and making them do as you please are over.


These days, it is much easier taking your people seriously and working on their demands than trying to distract them. The government is more or less figurehead and the people are awake and realise that they are the real government. They realise that they deserve better and they will not stop the #EndSars protest until they get it.


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