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How Technology Is Improving The Lives Of Animals

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The benefits of technology are not exclusive to human beings. Animals are also benefitting immensely from the rapid advancement of technology, whether they are livestock, pets or wildlife. Technology is not only out to hurt or harm animals all the time. The advent of technology does not only involve gadgets, cars, medical supplies and smartphones.


Pet technology, animal prosthetics and lab-grown meat are a few ways technology is improving the lives of animals.


Pet Technology has made it so easy to find our pets. They now implant microchips to allow owners to find and return them home. Collar accessories also have tracking devices that make it easy to find lost pets. These collars have sensors that monitor their health and measure their activities.


Pet Technology


Advancements in animal prosthetics now make it easy for animals with crippling diseases and injuries that require amputation to recover quicker and better. They can now replace missing limbs and restore mobility with technology. This gives pets their normal lives back after maiming accidents. They can play and be active with the use of animal prosthetics technology.


Saving animal lives

An interesting case of technology intervention in animals was one that happened in Thailand a few years ago. A dog was hacked with a sword that took off its front legs. After several technological health interventions, a foundation was able to fit animal prosthetics into the dog, and it was able to get back to being the jolly pet he was. The video of the dog’s reaction post recovery went viral online.



Conservationists now use technology to protect endangered animals. The planet is suffering from global warming, and animals are facing mass extinction. This is majorly as a result of human activities like poaching and wildlife hunting. They can now detect poachers who endanger animal species that suffer the threat of extinction with drones. Bathawk drones now patrol the sky over reserves in parts of Southern Africa to detect poachers, especially at night.


South Africa also recently introduced an anti-poaching technology that could help threatened species across the world. The technology uses a mixture of sensors, biometrics, CCTV and Wi-Fi to detect poachers early.


Animal cruelty is also a global issue. Vegetarians and organisations like Peta worry about animals getting eaten. Scientists are now looking for alternatives to drastically reduce the consumption of meat or get rid of eating animals altogether. The task is still ongoing and, even though there have been some breakthroughs, it is still difficult to achieve a perfect alternative to animal protein. Especially one that will match in texture and taste.

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