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How Technology Encourages More Freelance Jobs

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Freelance work seems to be the future for most people. This is all because new technology has redefined workplace as we know it. Jobs like web developing, dispatch delivery and virtual graphics designing no longer require static 8-5 employment.


Employers are now taking advantage of technology to hire skilled workers from anywhere in the world. A lot more people, in Nigeria and across the world, are exploring the freelance job market. This is only possible with the advancement of technology.


Companies can now have employees from different continents with the right use of communications and infrastructure technologies. It helps in bringing freelances closer to their customers and colleagues. Technology tools also help freelancers work smarter and better, especially with keeping track of their work progress.


The liberty this gives people is the ability to earn in different currencies from anywhere in the world. It is even better because you get to do this from the comfort of your home. Good internet and a working PC will open a world of employment opportunities to freelancers.


Freelance worker


Emancipation from corporate slavery

The emergence of new technology has been able to liberate many from the shackles of formal employment. Other advanced task-management and communication tools like Trello and Slack have also helped freelancers work better. This is even more valid as researchers find that working at home can be more effective than working from the office.


Technology also means that certain apps can help freelancers and clients find one another faster. For drivers, there is Uber. Writers have Upwork, and so it goes on and on. The greater advantage of starting most freelance businesses is the risk involved. It is practically risk-free. This helps greatly because it opens bigger avenues to make money. There is a world of access to employment and employers. This provides job seekers with a bigger avenue to find employment and vice versa.


This means that people can pursue their hobbies, make good money and travel the world. They can do all these while working from home and keeping a great work-life balance.


Freelance Work pays


With the emergence of new technology, things are bound to get easier. The onboarding process for freelancers is easier with software like Zenefits and Rippling. However, it will be more helpful if more of these tools are available. Legal agreements between freelancers and employers can also become easier with the right technology tools. This will make understanding easier and more seamless.


Technology would also come in handy to help freelancers with tools to plan their futures better. Healthcare, savings schemes, retirement and other benefits are things they would need to put into consideration.


Payment methods are also important. Technology helps freelancers get paid from anywhere in the world. They can keep track of their payments and bonuses. They can also get legal advice for underpayments and unfair practices.

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